Honesty is the Best Policy

When interviewing for a position, whether it be in IT or not, it is important to be honest in what you, the candidate, can provide. Honesty is important.  You must be honest about your skill set, about who you are, and about what you want out of the position.

  • Be HONEST about your skills
    • When the interviewer presents you with a situation, challenging your knowledge on a subject, if you do not know the solution, explain how you would go about getting the solution.
    • Admitting your faults shows the interviewer that you are capable of assuming responsibility as well as growing within the position.
    • The interviewer is not neccessarily looking for a right or wrong answer, but rather how you could handle a challenge and go about achieving the goal set before you.
  • Be HONEST about who you are
    • Steer the conversation in favor of your strengths and highlight where you feel the most fit, whether that be technically or culturally.
    • Cultural fit is just as important as reaching the technical skill set requirements. Discuss with the interviewer what a typical day is like on the job and do not be afraid to ask questions regarding the social atmosphere within the company. Allow your personality to shine through, and just be you.
  • Be HONEST about what you want
    • Be open to discussing what you would like to gain if granted the position. For example, what your long-term career goals are, where you see yourself in 10 years, and how you will use the position to grow both professionally and personally.
    • When you, the candidate, show enthusiasm about a position and are passionate about the potential placement, it indicates that you are passionate about the subject. By asking about advancement opportunities, training programs, and certifications you show the interviewer how dedicated you are to the position and the company.
    • Discuss any positive attributes the position has to offer such as easy commute, welcoming atmosphere, etc.

At Future Technology Staffing, we strive to have open, honest communication with our candidates. We are honest in what we are looking for both technically and culturally. The job search does not have to be an unbearable process. When the right people are placed in the right positions, not only does it benefit you, it also benefits the company. Enthusiastic employees enjoy going to work every day. We would love to make your everyday better and help you advance your career. Remember, honesty is the best policy.


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