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A low unemployment rate in IT today is a good thing. It’s exciting to see tech teams grow and expand as technology takes over every aspect of our daily lives. However, it poses a challenge to businesses looking to expand their talent and grow their team. There are multiple different approaches companies are taking (including us) to better connect with new hires.

  1. Meetups – attending local meetups and getting to know more about what the clients are passionate about and interested in helps you get to know the job seeker, and also the technology. Meetups are often casual gatherings centered around an IT interest where a professional will come and give a demonstration or lesson. By attending the meetup you are displaying an interest in the job-seekers passion.
  2. Community engagement – Get involved! Have your company sponsor a local race or event. Employees could volunteer or attend a benefit dinner for a local charity. This helps you connect with job-seekers and also market your company in a positive way. Even if people are not immediately displaying interest in your job openings, the positive brand you have developed for your company will keep people alert to your presence.
  3. Universities – connect with local schools in the area of placement. Many students have outside of the classroom experience as most universities encourage their students to experience an internship before graduation. Volunteer at college’s career centers for mock interviews. Set up a table at a career fair. Many students are seeking to expand their network and to practice connecting with companies.

Technology is growing at an alarming rate and the need for top talent will be a present challenge for companies as the need expands. Top talent is not going to knock on your company’s door and beg to work for you. It is important to reach out to job-seekers and connect with them. Show them you care about their needs and their interests and help them grow both professionally and personally.

At Future Technology Staffing, we believe people make all the difference.


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