10 Tips for Creating the Best Tech Resume

  1. Target your resume. It is important to send a specific resume out for each job, concentrating on the skill set relevant to the position you are applying for.
  2. Give examples. It is easier for employers to apply what’s on your paper to what your experience is if you provide examples of your work. GitHub is a great tool to showcase your skill set.
  3. Use your name. Save your document as your full name rather than “Resume.doc” or “Resume.PDF”. By saving it as your full name it makes it easier for employers to save the resume and keep it organized. It also helps them to find your resume first, rather than opening a bunch in order to find yours.
  4. Bold Keywords. Target the resume to fit the job description by bolding the keywords of the skills the employer is looking for.
  5. Proofread. Employers can be forgiving when it comes to grammatical errors or a messy resume, however, it makes it far more appealing if the resume is clean, concise, and free of error.
  6. Go Big or Go Home. Focus on the larger accomplishments and quantify them. Create Eye-Catching details, making it easier for recruiters to focus in on what makes you the perfect candidate for the position.
  7. For contract work in IT, provide a bulleted list of your top projects and the technologies used. This helps the recruiter apply your skill set to your abilities.
  8. Focus more on skills and less on education. If you are a recent graduate, list your GPA only if it is a 3.0 or above. If your major has a more obscure name, provide a description of your major. As you get deeper into the field, focus more heavily on your experience and less on your education. A list of certifications is also beneficial.
  9. Be concise yet accurate. By utilizing keywords but also using full names, this helps your resume to be pushed through when being screened by a resume-scanning software. By avoiding too technical terms and using the full names rather than acronyms, this will help your resume make it through the screen.
  10. Keep it clean. By making sure your resume only holds relevant content to the position, this will help cut down the length. Although technical skills are important to list, it also helps the recruiter if the resume is not excessively long.



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