Motivating Recruiters

With the unemployment rate in Information Technology being around 1%, it poses a challenge for Technical Recruiters to fill positions with the candidates that are proper fits for the role. Although all jobs have their ups and downs, it can be especially difficult for IT recruiters in today’s market. Keeping your recruiters engaged and on track is critical to success.

Create an environment that is centered around success. Employees who are honest about their opinions and ideas are less likely to be unhappy with their job, therefore trying harder to succeed. Appreciate the employee’s feedback, and encourage open communication about issues within the office and workforce. By encouraging open discussion, this also shows trust in your recruiters, leading them to have better respect for their managers as well. A high level of activity is contagious. If the manager is doing his/her job and guiding their recruiter, one’s success reflects on the other, encouraging higher levels of activity. Be honest with employees and help one another succeed.

Another way to motivate your recruiters is to allow them to see the value of their work. By developing a system where certain recruiting metrics (client submittals, interviews, placements, etc.) are worth an actual tangible amount, helps them understand that their hard work pays off, literally. Ask your recruiters what would motivate them, for example, a dog walking service, a gift card, a free lunch, a car wash, etc. Set weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals. Once those goals are achieved, reward your recruiter with the “prize” of their choice.

Create some friendly competition. Whether it is a leader board or a weekly competition for a prize, competition can drive activity. People will try harder for their name to consistently be number one. The increase in activity will create a more positive office environment altogether.

IT Recruiting is not an easy job. It is competitive, engaging and requires much patience. Remind your recruiters that you appreciate their hard work, acknowledge their success, and provide them with the environment and tools to be successful. Achieving employees equate to a thriving business.


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