The Importance of an Employee Brand

Attracting the best candidates is hard in today’s market. It is important to develop a strong employee brand. This gives those searching for positions a look into your organization’s culture. Employee brand is different than the corporate brand. The company represents way more than just the product. In this season of “war for talent”, you must utilize the greatest weapons available.

A large part of an employee brand is the employee value proposition (EVP). What do you want your employees to get out of working for your organization? Career growth? Better benefits? Flexibility? Find out what is important to those working for you and supply them with something that provides a positive work environment. What attracts top talent for your industry?

Advertise these points of interest (the EVP) through various outlets; social media, employee reviews, during the application process, marketing recruitment, candidate relationship management, and a career site or page.

Many believe that employee branding can only count towards full-time employees. False! It is important for the employee brand to apply to all members of the organization. Include your contract and temporary employees the best you can. By being inclusive, this allows for the talent pool to grow even more.

It is not always the product you are selling, but rather the environment. Candidates have the ability to be more selective when choosing who to work for. It may not be the corporation that attracts them, bur rather the organization. Top talent is hard to come by. Use your weapons wisely, and choose your ammo. How are you going to attract top talent with your EVP?


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