“Get on the phone!”

In today’s age, everything is instantaneous. We demand instant results, often instant food, and instant communication. We are constantly connected to people, whether it be through email, texting, or social media. When was the last time you called someone to talk about how your day is going? When was the last time you took a moment away from your screen to have a face to face conversation?
It is often assumed that with this instantaneous world becoming more and more prevalent, most Millenials and Gen Z’s would prefer a text, email, DM, or snap chat versus a traditional phone call. I believe that trend is depleting.
One way that recruiters can set themselves apart is by addressing the phone call first; “I’d love to set up a time to talk with you!” Do not do all of the necessary communication via InMail or Text or Email, make the human connection. Give your candidate a call.
Some are just not comfortable speaking on the phone. We understand that. However, making a personal connection with your candidate is extremely important. It is a recruiters job to fight for the candidate, to help them advance their carer, and to also assist you in any way you can. By getting to know the candidate personally, through a phone call, this creates a connection deeper than a declined InMail or mass inquiry. It shows that you chose them to connect with, and believe they have the potential to grow professionally. People thrive off of knowing that they matter. How can you show someone they matter today?


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