Here at Future Technology Staffing, we strive for success; Service, Understanding, Character, Commitment, Excellence, Seeking, Success. Service – We believe that the best way to manage people is by serving them. Understanding – We try to be as transparent as possible with those we serve, leaving an open communication and understanding of all platforms. Character… Read more »

Exit Interviews are Only as Good as the Questions and Analysis

Exit interviews, or the process of sitting down with an employee and trying to determine what factors have led them to leave your company before they take another job, are standard industry practice. But it’s no use conducting an exit interview if you don’t ask good questions, and then use the data you’ve collected and… Read more »

Do You Have a Retention Plan in Place? If Not, Prepare for Higher Turnover

Do you have a retention plan in place? If not, all of the time and effort you’ve put into hiring, recruiting, and promoting your company can be lost when your employees start seeking greener pastures. Unhappy employees leads to a higher turnover rate, which means spending more of your budget on hiring and recruiting. The… Read more »

To Find the Best IT Talent, You Need to Partner With a Specialist

Your information technology team is the most intricate department in your company. They’re responsible for managing all of your files, from e-mail to databases, while using hardware and software that are constantly changing. Keeping up with rapidly evolving technologies is part of the job for your IT employees, but your hiring manager shouldn’t have to… Read more »

Why Your Retention Strategies Need to Include Workforce Cultivation Ideas

Hiring isn’t an easy process, so once you have great employees, you want to hold onto them. One of the reasons people leave their employers is that they no longer feel challenged in their jobs, which causes them to feel unfulfilled and to seek fulfillment in a new position at a new company. You can… Read more »

Slow at Making Hiring Decisions? Then You’re Missing Out on Top Talent.

Hiring a new employee is a big decision, and not one you want to rush through. At the same time, you should act as efficiently as possible. Often there are company policies that are in place that can slow down hiring, but it’s in your best interest to streamline the process, because there’s a lot… Read more »

Your Guide to Employee Recognition on a Budget

Employee recognition may seem like a nonessential task for a manager, but its ability to keep employees engaged and focused shouldn’t be overlooked! If you have a tight budget and employees to motivate, don’t waste time wishing for more money to spend. Giving cold hard cash is impersonal. It really is the thought that counts.… Read more »

How Important Is Your Company Culture Really?

There are many things to focus on as you build your business, and your company culture may not seem like one of the more important ones. But investing time in your culture is a smart move. It not only helps recruit new talent, but also helps you keep the employees you have. A good company… Read more »

Employee Satisfaction: Retaining the Best

Far too often, companies are too concerned with satisfaction as it relates to customers. But if you’re looking to be a company that is known for being where the best and the brightest clamor to work, then your company has to be focused on the art of employee retention. The primary reason that employees decide… Read more »