Small Talk is BIG Talk

You may be the most personable person, yet freeze when you walk into your interview. Many people rehearse the answers to questions they may be asked during the interview process, they iron their clothes, they make sure to have their best foot forward. However, what many people do not prepare for is the simplest thing… Read more »

Honesty is the Best Policy

When interviewing for a position, whether it be in IT or not, it is important to be honest in what you, the candidate, can provide. Honesty is important.  You must be honest about your skill set, about who you are, and about what you want out of the position. Be HONEST about your skills When… Read more »

Think Fast! 5 Weird IT Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

When you work in information technology, you need to think quickly and creatively. So when someone is deciding whether or not to hire you, they may ask you unexpected interview questions to make sure you can perform under pressure. Here are five weird interview questions from big tech giants, and suggestions about how to answer… Read more »

Is Your Interviewing Style Costing You the Job?

Judging your interview performance can be one of the more difficult aspects of a job hunt. If you aren’t offered a position with the company you interviewed for, it can be difficult to determine why that is. If this has happened more than once, and you feel that you have great skills and a good… Read more »

Exit Interviews are Only as Good as the Questions and Analysis

Exit interviews, or the process of sitting down with an employee and trying to determine what factors have led them to leave your company before they take another job, are standard industry practice. But it’s no use conducting an exit interview if you don’t ask good questions, and then use the data you’ve collected and… Read more »

Answering Under Pressure – How To Handle Even The Toughest Interview Situations

Part of the stress of interviewing is the fear of the unknown. That’s why encountering unusual interview situations can make your performance suffer. Preparing for the unexpected ahead of time will increase your chances of success when a curve ball is thrown your way, so here are some dos and don’ts for tough interview situations:… Read more »

Five Signs You Are a Poor Interviewer (And What to Do About It)

Sometimes, no matter how much you prepare for an interview it still seems to go poorly. But how can you tell if the poor interview was caused by the interviewer, or you? Here are five signs that you are the cause (and what you can do to fix it!): 1. You don’t know who you’re… Read more »

Job Interview? Expect These Trick Interview Questions

There is no such thing as a casual question in a job interview. Everything a skilled interviewer asks you is designed to learn something about you and your work habits. Questions that seem benign can actually be the ones that trick you into revealing the most about yourself, for better or for worse. Here are… Read more »

Overused Job Interview Phrases You Should Avoid

In many ways, preparing for a job interview has never been easier. Thanks to the Internet, both interviewers and interviewees can share their experiences and offer advice about the best things to say. This is a great for people who are learning interview skills, but it can also lead to a list of tried and… Read more »

What Should You Do If You Lack a “Required” Skill for a Position?

Very few applicants can check off every single requirement of a job posting. In fact, being 100% qualified for an open position may be almost impossible. Everyone knows that smaller skills are often negotiable, but what about the bigger ones? What do you do if you lack a required skill for a job you really… Read more »