6 Key Traits of a Great Leader

A great manager has the ability to motivate every single employee to take action. Each employee has a different need and something that will motivate them differently. A good leader has the ability to hone in and see what they can help unlock in each employee so that they can be successful. Assertiveness to drive… Read more »

Motivating Recruiters

With the unemployment rate in Information Technology being around 1%, it poses a challenge for Technical Recruiters to fill positions with the candidates that are proper fits for the role. Although all jobs have their ups and downs, it can be especially difficult for IT recruiters in today’s market. Keeping your recruiters engaged and on… Read more »

Qualities of a Servant Leader

The Servant Leader.   Many in managerial positions see themselves as high and mighty, the boss. However, there is an approach to leadership where we must humble ourselves. There are certain qualities that a servant leader must have in order to be successful. Self-Aware Humble Integrity Result-Oriented Foresight Listen Do not abuse authority Intellectual Authority… Read more »

Time Management Tips

Do you want to take some of your time back? With technology constantly changing, so is your day. Below is a list of tips to take back your precious time. Delegate Responsibilities – use the talent at your disposal Eliminate Distractions – concentrate on a task and get it done Do not procrastinate – tackle… Read more »

Do You Have a Retention Plan in Place? If Not, Prepare for Higher Turnover

Do you have a retention plan in place? If not, all of the time and effort you’ve put into hiring, recruiting, and promoting your company can be lost when your employees start seeking greener pastures. Unhappy employees leads to a higher turnover rate, which means spending more of your budget on hiring and recruiting. The… Read more »

How to Hire Effectively for A Special Project

If your company is about to embark on a special project, you’re probably excited about the progress and success yet to come, but nervous about how you’re going to get it done. If you don’t have the manpower necessary to meet your deadline without stressing out your staff, consider working with Future Technology Staffing. We… Read more »

Hiring a Contractor to Join Your Full-time Team? How to Make the Transition Easy For Everyone

Contract workers are fantastic for helping companies get through times that are unusually busy or finishing projects that are uncommonly large. But they do present a management problem: how do you bring a contractor onto your team while making them feel welcome and making sure your full-time workers are welcoming as well? Here are some… Read more »

Six Tips for Controlling IT Hiring Costs

Reducing hiring costs is something that all managers are interested in. When it comes to a specialized industry like information technology, hiring can get expensive quickly. Here are six ways to keep your costs to a minimum: 1. Reduce turnover. This step isn’t going to help you when you need new talent immediately, but its… Read more »

Increase Your Retention Rates By Offering Training Opportunities

The vast majority of people in the workforce share the common goal of career development. Whether it’s moving up the ladder within their company or simply acquiring a new skill, your employees want to continue learning and growing. A recent study by Aerotek determined that even though there’s an understanding of the importance of challenging… Read more »

Tips for Collaborating With Your Remote Teammates

One of the great things about information technology jobs is that they can be performed by remote workers. Wether you have a part-time telecommuting policy in your office or you’re working with contract employees based out of different cities, you need a strategy to keep your team connected. Fortunately, the Internet makes that quite easy.… Read more »