Success Stories

Success Stories

When you partner with a staffing firm, what matters most are the measurable results they deliver. Here is one example of how a multimillion dollar, global company dramatically reduced turnover by partnering with Future Technology Staffing:


A multimillion dollar, worldwide company in State College, PA was experiencing a 25 percent attrition rate in their IT department. The company carved a niche in their industry through several key selling points in contrast to their competitors: highly focused on their clients, an ability to rapidly customize deliverables to client specifications and retain their customers by truly listening and exceeding needs. While desirable in the ideal, this business model presented critical challenges to staffing acquisition and retention as well as a lack of continuity from the clients’ perspectives.


FTS employed an intensive, month-long analysis on-site to uncover and understand the dynamics that were challenging the company’s business model. An in-depth consultation with every department, hiring managers and the CIO provided insights as to where improvements were necessary. We identified that intense deadlines and lack of coordination and communication regarding commitments put undue strain on the workforce, resulting in high employee dissatisfaction and turnover, low productivity and impaired quality – all of which, ultimately, affected the company’s bottom line. Our recommendation was to implement a thorough onboarding process that would maximize workload predictability, increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction overall. In the program, software builds and processes were clearly differentiated from program fixes, which streamlined team workloads. All stakeholders better understood the development lifecycle as well as business objectives, which dramatically increased satisfaction of employees, management and clients.


The formalized program we implemented helped employees understand the business objectives, coordinated communications across teams and departments, and allowed for appropriate feedback throughout the life of the project. With the program in full swing, the company was able to publish release schedules in a 4-6-week sprint cycle. Turnover dropped from 25 percent to less than 5 percent, which is half of normal attrition rates for this size company. Monthly follow-up calls continue to ensure the process—including placed candidates and existing staff—is working smoothly and on track for further improvements in productivity and profitability for the company. The new IT process is working so well that the client has now engaged FTS for multiple services throughout the company, including training initiatives, new hiring across disciplines and departments (permanent and temporary) as well as corporate structure recommendations to maximize resources and process improvement.