Qualities of a Servant Leader

The Servant Leader.   Many in managerial positions see themselves as high and mighty, the boss. However, there is an approach to leadership where we must humble ourselves. There are certain qualities that a servant leader must have in order to be successful. Self-Aware Humble Integrity Result-Oriented Foresight Listen Do not abuse authority Intellectual Authority… Read more »

Digital Marketing Managers Wanted!

Future Technology Staffing is searching for a Digital Marketing Manager located in Carlsbad, California to join our team! You can apply directly on our jobs page or on LinkedIn Page. ( ) The Job Description is posted below: Responsibilities: • Assist with strategy and execution of digital marketing programs and processes across multiple areas of… Read more »

4 Skills Recruiters Need to be Successful

Staffing agencies are everywhere. What sets one apart from another? PEOPLE. Future Technology Staffing believes that putting people first is the key to success. Our employees strive to assist both the client and the candidate, making sure it is a positive fit for both. Although we put our people first, our company is growing not… Read more »


Are you looking to grow your career? Would you like to work for an innovative company while also making meaningful connections? Then we would love to connect with you. Future Technology Staffing is looking for an IT Recruiter to join us in our Pittsburgh office! You can apply directly on our LinkedIn or on this… Read more »

How big is your footprint?

Your digital footprint is the crumbs you drop every time you upload, check in somewhere, or like something on social media. For many people, it is a harmless way to connect with friends and family. However, not everyone approaches social media with caution, the way one should. In today’s world, nothing is private. We know… Read more »

10 Tips for Creating the Best Tech Resume

Target your resume. It is important to send a specific resume out for each job, concentrating on the skill set relevant to the position you are applying for. Give examples. It is easier for employers to apply what’s on your paper to what your experience is if you provide examples of your work. GitHub is… Read more »

Time Management Tips

Do you want to take some of your time back? With technology constantly changing, so is your day. Below is a list of tips to take back your precious time. Delegate Responsibilities – use the talent at your disposal Eliminate Distractions – concentrate on a task and get it done Do not procrastinate – tackle… Read more »

Top Talent Today

A low unemployment rate in IT today is a good thing. It’s exciting to see tech teams grow and expand as technology takes over every aspect of our daily lives. However, it poses a challenge to businesses looking to expand their talent and grow their team. There are multiple different approaches companies are taking (including us)… Read more »

Honesty is the Best Policy

When interviewing for a position, whether it be in IT or not, it is important to be honest in what you, the candidate, can provide. Honesty is important.  You must be honest about your skill set, about who you are, and about what you want out of the position. Be HONEST about your skills When… Read more »


Here at Future Technology Staffing, we strive for success; Service, Understanding, Character, Commitment, Excellence, Seeking, Success. Service – We believe that the best way to manage people is by serving them. Understanding – We try to be as transparent as possible with those we serve, leaving an open communication and understanding of all platforms. Character… Read more »