How to Develop Your Mobile Skills and Gain Experience

Use of mobile devices has been on the rise for years, and that’s a trend that’s unlikely to reverse any time soon. That means that if you work in information technology, or have a desire to, that mobile application development skills can be valuable to your future career success. But how do you get mobile… Read more »

Do You Have a Retention Plan in Place? If Not, Prepare for Higher Turnover

Do you have a retention plan in place? If not, all of the time and effort you’ve put into hiring, recruiting, and promoting your company can be lost when your employees start seeking greener pastures. Unhappy employees leads to a higher turnover rate, which means spending more of your budget on hiring and recruiting. The… Read more »

Should You Accept a Job with a Tech Giant or a Smaller Company?

When you’re looking for a technology job, most opportunities will fall into two distinct camps: jobs with larger tech companies with name recognition–Google, Facebook, Twitter, for example–and jobs with smaller start-up companies. How do you know which one is right for you? Here’s the good and the bad of working for both. Tech Giants: The… Read more »

How to Evaluate Multiple Offers to Pick the Right One

So you’ve dedicated all of your time and energy into your job hunt and you’ve finally been rewarded with multiple offers from different companies. What do you do now? First, congratulate yourself for achieving your goal, and for doing such a great job. Then, take a deep breath and get ready to evaluate your offers… Read more »

Five Traits of Talented Cloud Computing Candidates

If your company is beginning to dip its toe into cloud computing, you may be looking to hire more people for your Information Technology department to help make the transition easier. But what if you aren’t familiar with cloud computing, or IT in general? What do you look for in potential candidates? Here are five… Read more »

Want to Fast Track Your Career? Then Be Willing to Invest Your Time and “Self-Train”

Being great at your job isn’t the only way to make sure your career moves forward. By taking the initiative and using your free time at home to your advantage, you can train your way into a better job with more responsibilities and maybe even better pay. Whether you want to learn a new language… Read more »

How to Hire Effectively for A Special Project

If your company is about to embark on a special project, you’re probably excited about the progress and success yet to come, but nervous about how you’re going to get it done. If you don’t have the manpower necessary to meet your deadline without stressing out your staff, consider working with Future Technology Staffing. We… Read more »

Hot Job of the Month: Senior IT Project Manager in Ohio

This month’s featured job opportunity is in Barberton, Ohio. Barberton was founded in 1891 and became known as the Magic City due to its rapid growth from industrialization. It is still a great city for business, as well as education. There are eleven colleges within thirty-five miles of the city center. Barberton is also a… Read more »

Five Signs You Are a Poor Interviewer (And What to Do About It)

Sometimes, no matter how much you prepare for an interview it still seems to go poorly. But how can you tell if the poor interview was caused by the interviewer, or you? Here are five signs that you are the cause (and what you can do to fix it!): 1. You don’t know who you’re… Read more »

Career Takeaways: What You Can Learn from the ACA Website Launch Issues

When was launched on October 1 of this year, the incoming traffic from users trying to shop for health insurance quickly crashed it. The website stayed down for the majority of users for weeks. While the team that created it has solved most of the major problems now, health care enrollment is still below… Read more »