Now Hiring: Staff Operations and Communications Leader in Charlotte, NC

This month’s hot job opportunity is located in Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina, and the second largest banking center in the country after New York City. Charlotte is also home to ten Fortune 500 companies, offices for NASCAR, and over 200 energy companies, earning it the title of The New Energy Capital. In… Read more »

Gain Access to the Best IT Jobs By Working With a Recruiter

Searching for a job can be difficult, even in the Information Technology industry, where there seems to be a high demand for coders, programmers, and engineers. So why not partner with someone who spends every work day helping people find new opportunities? A recruiter can help find you a great job faster than you can… Read more »

Six Tips for Controlling IT Hiring Costs

Reducing hiring costs is something that all managers are interested in. When it comes to a specialized industry like information technology, hiring can get expensive quickly. Here are six ways to keep your costs to a minimum: 1. Reduce turnover. This step isn’t going to help you when you need new talent immediately, but its… Read more »

How to Write an Effective Cover Letter

There tends to be an argument about whether or not cover letters are a waste of time. Many hiring mangers claim not to read them, so why should you put in the effort to writing one? Because in a job hunt, you want to do everything you can to make yourself stand out. And if… Read more »

Now Hiring: Senior Research Analyst AES in Wichita, Kansas

This month’s hot job opportunity is located in Wichita, the largest city in Kansas, and one that has projected job growth across all sectors for 2014. As a Senior Research Analyst, you will be responsible for comparing prospect and customer data to weather information to determine how best to sell Alternative Energy Solutions services. You… Read more »

Should You Reject a Job Offer?

After going through a job search, no matter the length, the thought of rejecting an offer can be terrifying. You’ve reached your end goal, and you don’t want to keep searching, applying, and interviewing. But sometimes it’s better to keep searching than to accept an offer of employment that isn’t right for you. If you’re… Read more »

Increase Your Retention Rates By Offering Training Opportunities

The vast majority of people in the workforce share the common goal of career development. Whether it’s moving up the ladder within their company or simply acquiring a new skill, your employees want to continue learning and growing. A recent study by Aerotek determined that even though there’s an understanding of the importance of challenging… Read more »

Tips for Collaborating With Your Remote Teammates

One of the great things about information technology jobs is that they can be performed by remote workers. Wether you have a part-time telecommuting policy in your office or you’re working with contract employees based out of different cities, you need a strategy to keep your team connected. Fortunately, the Internet makes that quite easy.… Read more »

Top Job Opportunity – JD Edwards Developer/ Business Analyst

This month, we’re featuring an information technology/systems job located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We’re looking for an experienced analyst/developer familiar with the JD Edwards suite of software to maintain and optimize business solutions. A great place to grow a career and put down roots, Kalamazoo is located in southwest Michigan, 150 miles away from both Chicago… Read more »

Job Interview? Expect These Trick Interview Questions

There is no such thing as a casual question in a job interview. Everything a skilled interviewer asks you is designed to learn something about you and your work habits. Questions that seem benign can actually be the ones that trick you into revealing the most about yourself, for better or for worse. Here are… Read more »