Top Job Opportunity – JD Edwards Developer/ Business Analyst

This month, we’re featuring an information technology/systems job located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We’re looking for an experienced analyst/developer familiar with the JD Edwards suite of software to maintain and optimize business solutions. A great place to grow a career and put down roots, Kalamazoo is located in southwest Michigan, 150 miles away from both Chicago… Read more »

Job Interview? Expect These Trick Interview Questions

There is no such thing as a casual question in a job interview. Everything a skilled interviewer asks you is designed to learn something about you and your work habits. Questions that seem benign can actually be the ones that trick you into revealing the most about yourself, for better or for worse. Here are… Read more »

Should You Allow Your IT Team to Work Remotely?

Telecommuting is still a subject of debate in the corporate world. Just look at the outcry when Yahoo’s new CEO rescinded their long-standing telecommuting policy. The technology to allow your information technology department work remotely has been around long enough that it’s reliable, but does that mean you should let them? Here are some things… Read more »

Overused Job Interview Phrases You Should Avoid

In many ways, preparing for a job interview has never been easier. Thanks to the Internet, both interviewers and interviewees can share their experiences and offer advice about the best things to say. This is a great for people who are learning interview skills, but it can also lead to a list of tried and… Read more »

Now Hiring: Quality Assurance Engineer in Canonsburg, PA

Future Technology Staffing has an exciting job opportunity for a Quality Assurance Analyst! A specialty healthcare company in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania is currently looking for a C#.NET Quality Assurance Analyst for a contract-to-hire position. This growing company is located in Southpointe Business Park, which is a suburban business park a mere seventeen miles south of Pittsburgh.… Read more »

From a Follower to a Leader: How to Shift Your Career

Have you ever heard the clever bit of leadership wisdom inspired by a dogsled team? If you’re not the lead dog, the scenery never changes. Being a follower at work is fine when you’re getting acclimated to a new position, but you will probably reach a point where you’re comfortable enough to take the lead.… Read more »

To Find the Best IT Talent, You Need to Partner With a Specialist

Your information technology team is the most intricate department in your company. They’re responsible for managing all of your files, from e-mail to databases, while using hardware and software that are constantly changing. Keeping up with rapidly evolving technologies is part of the job for your IT employees, but your hiring manager shouldn’t have to… Read more »

Great News! Demand for IT Professionals Continues to Rise

Are you currently looking for work in the information technology field? Two recent surveys of hiring managers from 1,000 companies have some great news for you. Here’s what it means for your IT job search: 73% of hiring managers say they plan to add more tech professionals. 33% report that IT employees have quit their… Read more »

Hot Job of the Month: Human Resources/Information Technology Recruiter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Our career opportunity this month is close to home for us: Future Technology Staffing is looking to hire a human resources and information technology recruiter! As our Human Resources/Information Technology Recruiter, you’d be based in Pittsburgh but working for clients in Western and Central Pennsylvania, Chicago, Boston, South Carolina, Central Ohio, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C.… Read more »

What Should You Do If You Lack a “Required” Skill for a Position?

Very few applicants can check off every single requirement of a job posting. In fact, being 100% qualified for an open position may be almost impossible. Everyone knows that smaller skills are often negotiable, but what about the bigger ones? What do you do if you lack a required skill for a job you really… Read more »