To Find the Best IT Talent, You Need to Partner With a Specialist

Your information technology team is the most intricate department in your company. They’re responsible for managing all of your files, from e-mail to databases, while using hardware and software that are constantly changing. Keeping up with rapidly evolving technologies is part of the job for your IT employees, but your hiring manager shouldn’t have to… Read more »

Great News! Demand for IT Professionals Continues to Rise

Are you currently looking for work in the information technology field? Two recent surveys of hiring managers from 1,000 companies have some great news for you. Here’s what it means for your IT job search: 73% of hiring managers say they plan to add more tech professionals. 33% report that IT employees have quit their… Read more »

Hot Job of the Month: Human Resources/Information Technology Recruiter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Our career opportunity this month is close to home for us: Future Technology Staffing is looking to hire a human resources and information technology recruiter! As our Human Resources/Information Technology Recruiter, you’d be based in Pittsburgh but working for clients in Western and Central Pennsylvania, Chicago, Boston, South Carolina, Central Ohio, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C.… Read more »

What Should You Do If You Lack a “Required” Skill for a Position?

Very few applicants can check off every single requirement of a job posting. In fact, being 100% qualified for an open position may be almost impossible. Everyone knows that smaller skills are often negotiable, but what about the bigger ones? What do you do if you lack a required skill for a job you really… Read more »

How to Prepare for an “Online” Interview in Six Easy Steps

If you’ve been invited to do an online interview, you may be excited and nervous at the same time. Although companies are using video conferencing more and more to vet potential candidates, not many job seekers have experience with virtual interviews yet. But don’t panic! A virtual interview is a fantastic opportunity for you to… Read more »

Why Your Retention Strategies Need to Include Workforce Cultivation Ideas

Hiring isn’t an easy process, so once you have great employees, you want to hold onto them. One of the reasons people leave their employers is that they no longer feel challenged in their jobs, which causes them to feel unfulfilled and to seek fulfillment in a new position at a new company. You can… Read more »

Hot Job of the Month: Performance Test Engineer in Pittsburgh, PA

Future Technology Staffing has an exciting career opportunity for a Performance Test Engineer in Pittsburgh, PA. With a thriving job market, Pittsburgh often tops lists of most livable cities because of its economic opportunities and cultural scene. As a Performance Test Engineer, your primary responsibility is working to ensure that the application you’re in charge… Read more »

Making the Most of a Recruiter Relationship

A recruiter is one of the best allies that you can have in your job search. They have extensive networks, and can make a persuasive case as to why you would make a great employee. If you’ve never worked with a recruiter before, you may be confused about how to use them to your full… Read more »

Slow at Making Hiring Decisions? Then You’re Missing Out on Top Talent.

Hiring a new employee is a big decision, and not one you want to rush through. At the same time, you should act as efficiently as possible. Often there are company policies that are in place that can slow down hiring, but it’s in your best interest to streamline the process, because there’s a lot… Read more »

Hot Job of the Month: HR Business Partner Generalist in State College, PA

Are you a human resources professional looking for a job in Pennsylvania? Consider applying to this month’s hot job! We have an exciting job opportunity in State College, PA, for a Human Resources Business Partner Generalist. In your day-to-day work, you’ll be responsible for devising and providing an effective HR strategy for specific company units.… Read more »