Your Guide to Employee Recognition on a Budget

Employee recognition may seem like a nonessential task for a manager, but its ability to keep employees engaged and focused shouldn’t be overlooked! If you have a tight budget and employees to motivate, don’t waste time wishing for more money to spend. Giving cold hard cash is impersonal. It really is the thought that counts.… Read more »

How “Vital” Are You to Your Job?

Do you ever feel like you can’t move on to another position because of how badly you’re needed in your current workplace? Sure it’s nice to have job security, but being the only person at your company who can accomplish certain tasks can often cost you the ability to build your career. If you’re restless… Read more »

Hot Job of the Month: Senior IT Project Manager in Pittsburgh, PA

Are you an IT professional in Pittsburgh looking for a career change? Then consider applying for a Senior Information Technology Project Manager position. In this exciting IT position, you will have the opportunity to oversee multiple accounts and their projects. This role will include duties such as developing project scopes, creating and managing project work… Read more »

Making the Best of a Difficult Coworker

Dealing with a difficult coworker in your office can be draining. It can feel like there’s no way out, like you’re powerless to change the situation. But the good news is that you always have control over your own actions. By adjusting your reaction to your difficult coworker, you can take back your power and… Read more »

Why You Need to Mix Business and Pleasure – Time to Add Fun into Your Office!

Employees are obviously a key element to your workplace. When you build relationships with your employees, and encourage them to build relationships with each other, the morale of your team goes up, which also has a tendency to send your rate of turnover down. Happy employees are good for business, so here are some ways… Read more »

Do You Need a Job-Search Mentor?

A job search can often be a lonely process. Browsing for open positions online and perfecting your resume can both be solitary pursuits. So it can be a relief to have someone to help you through this process, particularly if they have something–be it knowledge, experience, or patience–that you are yourself lacking. Here are some… Read more »

Tips for a Successful Search for Young Professional IT Job Seekers

It can be intimidating to search for an information technology job when you’re at the beginning of your career. It can seem like every job opening asks for a level of experience that you haven’t had an opportunity to acquire yet, and the lists of preferred skills can often seem out of your reach. So… Read more »

Is There a Skill Mismatch on Your Team?

The path a project takes from beginning to end can be a complicated process with various snags and hangups along the way. Workflow can be complicated to manage, but a good leader knows how to shift things to make everything run more smoothly. If things aren’t optimized in your office despite your best efforts, maybe… Read more »

What Companies Actually Want When Hiring C# Developers

On information technology job sites, C# is frequently in the top ten list of skills that employers are looking for. But if you’re applying for an IT job, even a position as a C# developer, you need to know more than the programming language. Here’s what employers are looking for when they hire people for… Read more »

Setting Yourself Apart From the Masses

Since the recession, the lack of open positions and the wealth of candidates has brought into sharp focus the element of competition in job searching. In truth, it’s not much worse today than it has been in the recent past, but you can still use this awareness to your advantage by making sure you stand… Read more »